Jordan Podgorny

Name: Jordan Podgorny
Grade: Senior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Health Science
Favorite Style of Dance: Sassy Jazz
When I’m Not Dancing: I like to watch tv, hang out with my friends, craft, and workout.
Biggest Inspiration: My mom is my biggest inspiration. Despite all the challenges she faces on a daily basis, she is always encouraging, supportive, and loving towards me.
Why I chose Truman: I loved the feeling of a smaller university and I wanted a top notch education.
Favorite Memory on this Team: I have too many awesome memories to pick a favorite!
Interesting Fact: My guilty pleasures are the Bratz movie and donuts.
Favorite Quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”
What are you Looking Forward to Most this Season: I am looking forward to the entire season! I am so grateful to be able to perform at games, compete, and be a part of an amazing group of girls.