About Showgirls

The Truman State University Showgirls Dance Team is an elite group of 10-15 girls whose responsibilities include providing spirit, support and entertainment at home athletic events. The Showgirls also provide entertainment at pep rallies, parades and Homecoming/Greek Week events. The Showgirls practice 4-5 nights per week for 2 hours with additional practice required on the morning of game days. The Showgirls season runs from the end of August until the end of April with required summer practices prior to the dance camp.


During football season, the Showgirls work closely with the Truman State Marching Band to perform sideline routines throughout the game as well as a featured half-time performance. These routines incorporate pom style choreography with a mix of kicks and jazz to create visual entertainment for the stadium crowd.


Basketball season brings performances at both Men’s and Women’s basketball games. The Showgirls perform sideline routines with the basketball jazz band as well as a halftime routine. Performances include jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and our annual guy/girl dance.


Showgirls attend one to two competitions per academic year. We have competed within both NDA and UDA over the years.  


Tryouts for the upcoming year are held in the spring (late March or early April) and each squad member must tryout every year. Tryouts consists of one rehearsal clinic and then the final performance for evaluation. Participants are required to learn and perform a dance composed of jazz, hip hop, and pom and a portion that is self-choreographed. Additionally, dancers will perform the fight song routine and demonstrate various technical skills. 


Is prior dance experience required?

Previous dance experience is not required however, squad members will perform double/triple pirouettes, toe touches, turning discs, turns in second, calypsos, and various flexibility skills. Weakness in one area can be compensated for by strengths in another area, giving those without proficiency in all skills the opportunity to perfect them with practice.

Does the squad have a workout requirement?

A great deal of strength and endurance is required to perform our high energy routines and maintain stamina throughout an entire game. As a member of this collegiate level dance team, it is the dancer’s responsibility to maintain optimum physical health through strength training and cardiovascular workouts. Use of the Student Recreation Center on a regular basis is strongly encouraged and expected.

What additional costs are required of the squad members?

Through fundraising, Showgirls has a budget to cover the majority of costume expenses. Personal costs include shoes, tights, and jackets.  Dancers fund the cost of UDA or NDA camp. An estimate of costs for the academic year are provided at tryouts.

Who choreographs for the Showgirls?

Most of the music selection and choreography comes from squad members.